Full Project Management 1Once you have decided that you want to go forward with Wold Kitchens we then fully project manage the entire process of installing your kitchen. We are a one stop shop when it comes to design, planning and installation.

Our aim is to provide a project management service that takes all of the effort and stress away from you and leave you with a high quality installation that you can be proud of

To find out more about our Full Project Management, and exactly what we can do for you, simply give us a call on 0115 822 9491.

Whether you want to create a modern or traditional kitchen, you need proper planning. At Wolds Kitchens, that is precisely what you get. We are by your side throughout the entire process, from initial design to practical implementation. 

Full project management is a comprehensive service. It makes creating your dream kitchen easy. You get support from start to finish, making installing your new kitchen a breeze. 

So what’s involved? Let’s take a look. 

Step 1: Get A FREE Design Consultation

At Wolds Kitchens, we are here to make your kitchen dreams become a reality. The first step towards that goal is the design process. 

With us, you get a FREE design service and consultation. You will sit down with one of our specialist advisors who will take you through your options. 

We make it simple for you. We can come to your home or discuss your new kitchen in our showroom. All you need to do is tell us what you want. We will look at the concept and then use that to construct a vision for what you want to achieve. 

Step 2: Create The Designs

The next step is to create the design for your kitchen based on your instructions. We bring your ideas together and express them in a fully-fledged design. You can then choose to accept the plan or add things as you see fit. With Wolds Kitchens, you have freedom. 

Step 3: Arrange The Renovation Schedule

Renovating or installing a new kitchen can be disruptive. We arrange a date that is suitable for you (perhaps while you are on holiday). This lessens the impact on your life. 

Step 4: Organise The Work

Organising the work to install a new kitchen can be a hassle. But with Wolds Kitchens, you do not need to worry. We take care of the process for you. 

We arrange the work schedule and consult with contractors. You sit back, relax, and wait for your new kitchen to arrive.

Step 5: Build Out Your Kitchen

We install the kitchen according to your timetable. A project manager will oversee the construction of the kitchen on your behalf. 

The Benefits Of Full Project Management

The benefits of full project management are extraordinary. Finally, you can get the kitchen that you want without any of the usual stress or hassle. 

Full project management means that we take care of the entire build-out for you. It could not be easier. 

You should not have to micromanage every detail of your project. You should be able to rely on the person doing the work to do it for you. 

Unfortunately, in a lot of cases, that is not what happens. The people paying for the installation also end up managing it too. 

To us, that does not make sense. The people paying for a new kitchen should not have to manage the process. 

We were not happy with the way that many kitchen renovation companies treated their customers. That is why we offer a full project management service. It is the way that things should be.